Team CheckInn

Behind the scenes
Chinmay Bhanagay
Business & Sales

Deepak Thomas
Technology & Design

Basit Parkar

Sharang Majumdar
Ops & Corporate Relations

Simran Wadhwani
Head of Client Services

Satyaki Maiti
Head of Sales (India & EU region)


Friendly, approachable and responsive, we stand resolutely behind you to ensure that you are stress-free when it comes to dealing with the daily challenges in your hotel

Our engagement, friendship and history with hotels has enabled us to craft solutions that are incredibly easy to use and to-the-point

Our passion is to optimize your operations and simplify your life at the hotel. We strive to reduce your work load and stop phones from constantly ringing on your desk!


Sales : +91-8879473462
Support : +91-9834963985


Sales : [email protected]
Support : [email protected]

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