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Inter-department communication made easy

CheckInn's Vesta OMS is an elegant Operations Management System that allows seamless inter-departmental communication.
Vesta negates the use of HOT-Log sheets, enables transparency, derives concise reports and much more...
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Create requests, manage tasks and get notified in realtime

The complete operational tool for your hotel

Vesta provides a comprehensive solution for your day-to-day hotel operations

We help you get the one thing money can't buy. Time.

Our platform saves your team 27,000 minutes/year

* as per Institute of Hospitality Management and Hotel Administration, Mumbai Alumni; for a 100 room property

That's about 19 working days each year!


Transparency between departments

Phone calls are a thing of the past. Switch to the Vesta platform and save precious minutes on each task.

Make every member of your team aware of what's happening internally with ease.

Smart Task Creation

Tasks can be created on any device by a team member, and are then routed to the right department.


Instantly get notified

Use the best-in-class push notification system to get updated instantly. Vesta's push notifications work on both desktops and mobiles.

Quick communication

Tasks created are instantly sent to the team-members of the department.

The task's status can be updated, files can be attached and comments can be added, thus enabling a high degree of visibility across the entire property.


Escalation Matrix

Vesta provides a robust escalation system to ensure your team's assigned tasks are completed on time. Configure levels, managers and escalation times.

Vesta Escalation Matrix
Escalation Matrix

Well-defined escalations

Configure escalation times for each task and each level.

The management needs to be alerted if there's a problem, and only if there's a problem.


Use anywhere

Webapp for the operators and mobile app for the team who's always on the go.

With keen focus on UX, and hours of interactions with Hotel Operators, we have built the apps to make life easier for the ones ultimately using Vesta.


Make sense of your hotel operations

Vesta's summaries help you to identify and fix problems within the hotel - be it operational or issues with assets.

Use these insights to reduce operational costs increase the topline in the long-run.

Enable your team to perform faster with Vesta's powerful features

Vesta is hand-crafted for mid-sized and large hotels. Here are some of our salient features
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Tailored for Hotels
Features like 2-Way SMS for your staff without smartphones & Escalations ensure that you can get rolling without any additional investment

Team Management
Quickly give or revoke user permissions to departments. We know how important this is for an industry that works on shifts

Fast & Robust
Harnessing the sheer power of Amazon's cloud (AWS) & RDS, rest assured that our services won't have a downtime, the apps would always be lightning-fast and highly scalable

Highly Secure
Your data is safe. Communication channels and the platform are secured with industry-standard security protocols. We even do daily encrypted backups as a fail-safe

Users speak

Here's what our users have to say about CheckInn
Amit Negi
Room Divisions Manager • Royal Orchid Central, Pune

Vesta has proved beneficial for enhancement of our service standards. It is an efficient mode of communication between the departments with its user friendly features. This platform enables us to keep all records for any request made by any departments, and track them via Reports. Their support team is available to assist us round-the-clock which is a big plus. This has certainly helped us in providing quick and efficient services to our patrons and also identifying our areas of improvement.

Vivek Gupta
Resort Manager • Tranquility Beach Resort, Ratnagiri

We being a small resort relied heavily on traditional methods for guest requests. CheckInn's solution has enabled me receive real-time guest feedback directly on my phone from anywhere in the world. Service recovery during the guest's stay has boosted guest satisfaction at the resort and definitely enabled the rise of repeat customers.

Jayanta Bhattacharjee
Front Office Manager • Indismart Hotel, Kolkata

We chose Vesta because of their amazing operations Management platform. We have been amazed by the transformative power of sharing one solution across the entire property. The increased level of service offered to our guests is evident, We are extremely happy with the service provided by the CheckInn team as they were tracking our hotel's progress in real-time and has visibly helped bring all our departments together and increase efficiency.

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